The Stop Motion Work of Patrick Boivin

Oy, it’s almost Halloween and I’m still working on two different posts:

  • Michael’s Annual Halloween Candy Extravaganza
  • Happy Halloween! Jane, You Ignorant Slut! (working title)

However, I’ve run into a pretty bad roadblock: I’m lazy. I keep going back to my drafts and my research and then I get distracted with so many other things. You know, like the new men’s soap opera known as the Washington Redskins debacle.

The following YouTube Channel belongs to Patrick Boivin. You may not be familiar with Monsieur Boivin but I posted his video “Bruce Lee vs. Iron Man” back in March. That video was an interesting presentation of stop motion photography using dolls and action figures. It turns out that he’s got a number of these:

Michael Jackson vs. Mr. Bean

The Mandalorian Dance

The Pope vs. Jesus (safe sex campaign)

Bumblebee Boy

Seriously, you need to check it out. His work is phenomenal. He’s even done the a number of interactive YouTube clips starring Batman and The Joker in a breakdance battle. Personally, I hate interactive YouTube videos. The first one that I stumbled upon was Boivin’s homage to Osvaldo Cavandoli’s Le Linea:


Yeah, some of you who may say ‘That character seems VERY familiar’. That’s right, you probably saw it on ‘The Great Space Coaster‘. Good times, I say. Check out that channel and look at Patrick Boivin’s other works. All of them aren’t stop motion using dolls so you won’t feel goofy watching them 🙂