Skunk With It’s Head In A Jar: Face It, We’ve All Had Those Days…

I didn’t know if I wanted to post this on my blog or on the Woofie’s blog. Seeing as how my friend Amy’s blog is slightly more professional, I opted to put this here:

First off, there are so many weird things about this short clip –

  • There’s a skunk with it’s head stuck in a peanut butter jar
  • A man in Oklahoma just happens to have a company where he’s called ‘The Skunk Whisperer’
  • At about the 0:35 mark, the Skunk Whisperer is casually talking about what the problem is with wild animals and peanut butter, all the while the skunk is still wandering aimlessly about in the back with a friggin’ jar stuck to it’s head. You could just imagine the thing saying ‘Hey, a little help here! I can hear you! My head is stuck in a jar! Hey, I know you’re out there!’

Oh, lord, the world is funny. First, Stephen Fry’s photographer get’s his head shagged by a flightless parrot and now a skunk with it’s head stuck in a jar.