Captain Slow Rides Again

I love watching Top Gear. Granted, there are very few cars that I’ll ever own that they show. Nor will I ever get to play soccer with a Ford Focus, attach a Mini Cooper to a rocket and send it down a ski jump, nor travel across the Antarctic in an SUV or dog sled. You have to admit, the trio of Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond get to numerous fun things with cars, such as race Veyrons against jets, the GT-R against the Bullet Train and crash a Koenigsegg.

I also enjoy watching their side projects – Clarkson’s automotive specials on DVD, Hammond’s various challenge shows and the interesting exploits of James May, a.k.a. Captain Slow. Which is why I found it very interesting when I caught this yesterday: James May riding in a U2 plane


It isn’t fair. The man gets to drive a Veyron as fast as possible AND he gets to do this! It must have been an absolute thrill for him, especially since he owns his own plane.