When Children’s Shows Oog You Out

I like cartoons. Sure, I’m all happy to see anime or the stuff that’s ginned up in Hollywood. Much of it all comes down to the base notion that I really ejoy watching children’s programming, not just when I was a kid but also as I’ve grown into a relatively well adjusted adult.

And then my colleague Don sent me the following clip:


There are several things wrong with this:

  • The guy looks like someone I used to work with at Lockheed Martin except with longer hair
  • Why does the rooster have to be a rastafarian black man??
  • I feel like I’ve just glimpsed into a pedophile’s dream

“A healthy mind and body is his game”, indeed.

Oy. At 1:59 when Yogi Okie Dokie and Rasta the Cock are standing around looking at the kids going ‘Mmm…’, ‘Mmmm-hmmmm’ gave me the chills. Or when he grabs the young boy and says ‘Nice anvil, Christian.’

Waugh. I have no idea why I watched the entire thing. I think I’ll try to find something else that doesn’t make me feel dirty but still messes with my head. Like ‘The Great Space Coaster’ or anything by Sid & Marty Kroft, like ‘Sigmund and the Sea Monster’ or ‘H.R. Pufnstuf’ or even ‘Lidsville’.