Quick update on my parents and my sister: My dad was released to the hotel today – which is good – and my sister is coming home on Friday. She hates having to leave my parents there but she has to come home and take care of her work, her home, etc. She may return. We’re all just glad that my father will be able to leave in a few weeks. It turns out that one of our relatives is one of his doctor’s and that makes it a little more reassuring.

On to the regular tripe…

  • This weekend is my bi-annual paintball weekend. Contrary to the last one we held we only have 25 people this time. I may open it up to some of my friends in the area who frequent some of the forums I go to. Lord knows I’d LOVE to shoot them.
  • The ‘Mothership’ is calling me back to work for them. I find it interesting that I keep ending up working for the Large Corporate Behemoth somehow.
  • One of the ‘Mothership’s’ competitors is also courting me. To work in Atlanta. Hmmm…something to consider. I’ve never been to Atlanta so working down there would definitely be interesting.
  • I got my hairs cut. My stylist, Jasmine, did my hair again. MEOW.
  • I miss riding the Metro and meeting different people every day.

That’s the gist for now. I’ll fill in more during the weekend when I have more time to think. For now, I’m just glad that this ordeal my family is going through is starting to end.