Update on my dad…

Here’s an update on my dad from my sister:

Dad is now having cardiac rehab/physical therapy every other day. He did well after his 1st day but slept most of the night because he was tired from exercising. He’s still too weak to walk on his own but he does sit in chair and is able to feed himself (rather than needing Mom to feed him). We bought him a folding/travel cane for physical therapy. Yesterday, he took his 1st steps outside his hospital room. The nurses watched him as he walked down the hallway using his cane and Mom supporting his other side. His doctors will evaluate him to determine whether he can be released to the hotel some time this week.

There were some other tidbits that my sister let me in on as well, such as my mother feeling better about things and stuff that they do to keep their minds occupied. I could only guess how hard it must be for them.

We won’t even get into the money issue. Yeesh. This Wednesday I’ll hopefully be contributing a fair amount of money to them. The whole thing is just insane. I’m just glad that my dad is feeling better.