Cinematic cultural divide

HAHAHA F*ING HA! Over the past few weeks I made Angela watch some movies with me that she normally wouldn’t watch. I’m sure I’ve written in the past how our tastes in television and movies are different – I like funky things and she likes crap – so my control of the dvd player and the remote provided many revelations. Like Johnny Depp is a whack job.  For all the times I’ve had to endure movies like ‘American Sweethearts’ or ‘Coyote Ugly’ and ‘Corky Romano’, I was going to subjugate her to the types of movies that I like.

First, let’s get the pisser out of the way. Angela likes Johnny Depp. I know this, and yet we’re still married. I even placated her Depp desires by buying her every season of ’21 Jump Street’ on dvd. So, I decided that I would have her watch one of the only Johnny Depp movies that I like: Ed Wood.  Ed Wood is best known for directing ‘Plan 9 From Outer Space’ and ‘Glen or Glenda’, historically the worst films ever made. So I found it hilarious and enlightening to see Tim Burton’s depiction of Ed Wood’s cinematic career using Johnny Depp as the titular character. There are so many scenes that I find thought provoking and hilarious. I truly enjoyed the movie because it was so odd. By the end of it, Angela was asking if there was some way that she could get back the 2 hours of her life that had just passed.  HA! How’s your Johnny Depp now? Depp-ressing, no?

Another movie that I asked her to watch was Shaolin Soccer.  I think when Angela first considered watching kung fu movies with me she was a little hesitant. Face it, a good number of the movies are shit. But when I started showing her that that kung fu movies could be funny and exciting, not just chop-chop-chop, that was when she started to enjoy them more. This Stephen Chow film is packed with very juvenile, goofy comedy and has a nice, simple plot behind it.  Angela enjoyed this one because it was similar in vein to ‘Kung Fu Hustle’ (another Stephen Chow film). Is it the bestes kung fu movie out there? Oh, hell no. But it was entertaining and light hearted.

So I decided that I would try my luck and I brought home Godzilla: Final Wars. Who doesn’t like Godzilla? Evidently, Angela doesn’t. Such a shame, too. This one had decent human fight scenes and some funny kaiju battles. Seeing the real Godzilla meet the Hollywood version in Sydney, Australia, and subsequently kick his ass was hilarious. Oh, man. Yes, it was a little annoying at times and the plot was paper thin, but still – GODZILLA! GWAAAAAAAAAARRRRGH! Everyone loves a fire breathing dinosaur!

Bah. I like other movies as well, but these were just fun, mind numbing movies that I enjoy watching.  I mean, they’re movies, right? As such, you’re supposed to live in fantasyland when watching them. And Angela, since you watched my movies, i will watch one of your (crappy) movies with you.