Pip, pip! Tea time!

Just us girls! Click for the entire set!Yeah, yeah – I’m late posting. Bite me. Last Thursday was ‘Tea Time’ at the Four Seasons. This time around there were only four of us: Me, Lila, Rhonda and Angela. The ladies were so gracious as to allow me to bring Angela, even though she didn’t meet any of the requirements (brunette, over the age of 38). To start things off, we had some lovely cocktails: Lila and Angela had frou-frou strawberry daquiries, Rhonda a Manhattan and I had a double scotch (can you blame me??).
It seems that the Four Season’s has changed their tea menu for the Winter. It wasn’t bad – the tea was wonderful as usual. The sammiches were ‘ok’. Face it, if you’re looking for a foot long hoagie you’ll be out of luck. Evidently tea drinkers only eat finger sammiches. They weren’t too shabby but it definitely left you wanting more. The dessert tray had changed as well also. There were the requisite scones with devonshire cream and caramel and chocolate macaroons. Then there were a few other yummies. Lila asked about one pastry that had gold flakes on it. I don’t think she was accustomed to eating gold. I’ve had gold soup before – meh. I wanted to tell her about this small article that I read where this designer sells these three pills that contain gold flakes. You swallow them and then when you crap it comes out golden. I opted to keep that to myself.

Oh, and the gossip that flowed! I truly miss these ladies. Lila has come to calling me her ‘pishy’ – Farsi for ‘cat’. Oy. As usual we talked about everyone that we knew and traded barbs with one another. And we tried to scope out men for Lisa and Sarah, both of whom couldn’t join us. Bad jokes, tons of sexual innuendos and holding hands with Rhonda while we walked to the restrooms. Sigh…yeah, I do miss them.