My Appreciation For The Pony Tail

It bobs up and down. It sways back and forth. It is utterly mesmerizing. No, I’m not talking about my love handles, jackals. I’m talking about a pony tail. On a woman, not on an actual pony.

Lately I’ve been noticing how attractive a woman with a pony tail is.  For whatever reason it makes a woman seem much more approachable or sporty. Hell, put her in a baseball cap AND a pony tail and I’m a goner.  Even better: pony tail + baseball cap + Jeep Wrangler.  Sigh…Mikey likes.

Do I like them because they swish left and right when a woman is walking? Do I want to just reach out and yank it? I dunno.  I mean, Michelle Sigona has to wear one when she’s in Sky Fox (meow). Pig tails are a definite no. Sure, you can use them as handle bars but instead of something sexy and alluring it comes off as being a little juvenile.  Pig tails are so Pipi Longstocking or Wendy’s. Whenever I think of pig tails I think of little girls under the age of 7. I refuse to be branded a pedo.

The pony tail, on the other hand, is nice and long and slinky.  It just begs to be paid attention to, saying ‘Look at me! I can’t bother to have my hair in my face! Look at my face and my neck! YOU WANT ME!’.

Oh, and I probably do.