Three cheers for cheers

Cheerleaders. Dance squads. What’s the difference? I don’t really know. Is it like that episode of Family Guy where Meg wants to be a cheerleader but they think she’s a complete gargoyle so she instead joins the flag corps?

(btw, I should never have posted that UCLA cheerleader post during the NCAA tournament? Why? Because curiousity leads you to feel like a stalker. Katie and Elise make my old heart feel funny)

Anyhow, I always wondered how they picked them. I mean, what do you do to move to the next level? You’ve been doing this since you a little kid, you did it in high school, moved on to college and then…and then…well, what? Evidently, the Boston Celtics know how to milk it – they have a pageant.

I really don’t know what my fascination is with them, either. Oh, yeah. I remember: tight bodies, lots of boobs and ass and normally long, flowing hair. Oh, yes, my cheerleader/dance squad ladies, I know you’re pandering to a crowd of thousands but I know you’re performing solely for me. That’s right, I know you’re cheering the team on but you’re really looking at me, aren’t you? You’re smiling directly at me, right?