Laying Down With Dogs

As I write this I am laying down on the floor with one of my dogs, Farley, trying to get some sleep. When I originally started to write this post it was when I would try to sleep in my office with Tobey. After the devastating loss of my little giant I find myself sleeping on the floor again.

Look! My dog's butt is wearing a suit!
Look! My dog’s butt is wearing a suit!

Earlier this week Farley had gone into surgery to remove a cyst on his tail. It was believed to have been making him uncomfortable as well as cause problems with his pooping. It also had the side effect of making fat build up on his rump. We elected to get the cyst removed and the doctors recommended removing some of the fat.

That’s right. Our dog had a butt tuck done.

The result is a pooch with a half-shaved butt that has sutures all over it. His rear end looks like Jack Skellington. I’ve taken to calling him FrankenButt. We were at the vet this Saturday to see if we could get his tubes removed. It was, to say the least, quite the experience. In a nutshell, the cut off the cyst and then they sliced off a big wad of fat on his haunches. They thought the fat may have been caused by cancer but, luckily, it wasn’t. When they removed the fat they put in a tube and then sewed him back together.

Ok, so the vet tech said there might be a little ‘drainage’. Dear God. We’ve had the little guy in t-shirts so that he doesn’t make a mess in the house. Fluid mixed with blood have been coming out of the tube and, let me tell you, it hasn’t been fun. On the plus side, when he’s at home we have him in these white t-shirts that Andrea said makes him look like a Jedi. When we take him out in public, though, we put him in a black t-shirt so as not to freak out anyone else. In that get up he looks like he’s going to a martial arts tournament. That’s right! Farley looks like he’s part of Cobra Kai!

Damn. I pulled out a Karate Kid reference. I feel old. And dirty. But mostly old.

Anyhow, they removed the tube and it was a wonderous experience. And when I say “wonderous” I mean “interesting”. Of course, when I say “interesting” I’m really trying to say “OMG I WANT TO GET SICK”. The tube in his backside came out the sides so he looked like he had two little pig tails coming off his rump. But when the doctor trimmed one side, cut a stitch on the other and pulled it out it was this long tapeworm looking thing.

Ugh. I gotta stop. Blech.

His temperment has gotten much better. He seems more full of energy and much more lively, If only he’d stop oozing around the house.

Feel free to click the following thumbnails. Warning: I was too lazy to resize them so they’re the original size of ‘bigger than your head’.