Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-05

  • Really?! Nobody carries a friggin' displayport cable?! WTF?! #
  • It strikes me as odd that people rush to get to work and take their time going home. You'd think it should be the other way around. #
  • Hey, Bonefish! Bring back Alec Baldwin for your radio spots! Whoever replaced him is doing a poor impersonation! #
  • Network TV! You know why you guys are dying off? These stupid ass political ads are a good reason why people tune out! #cbs #abc #nbc #fox #
  • Apple's new commercials with the "genius" are horrible. Reminds me of the "Gotta get a Dell" guy. You've managed to make your product uncool #
  • CRAP! HAIL!! #
  • Seriously? It's already the eighth month of the year?! I thought I was supposed to be having fun while time flew 🙁 #
  • Oh, hells yeah – #
  • @jinxcellent What other 'limited run' shows did you wind up choosing to watch? in reply to jinxcellent #
  • You know what annoys me about the Facebook apps for the iPhone & iPad? It randomly resets the sort order from 'recent' to 'top stories' #
  • @jinxcellent Have you tried 'My So Called Life' so you can bawl during the Christmas episode? 4 seasons of 'The IT Crowd' just wasn't enough in reply to jinxcellent #
  • @jinxcellent Rats. I also enjoyed 'Perfect Couples'. I like that Olivia Munn said she didn't consider it cancelled but more a mini-series. in reply to jinxcellent #
  • Was just followed on Twitter by someone named @RuthieBeauty, went to her twitter feed and was greeted by a picture of Susan Coffee. Weird. #
  • Coffee, Coffey…tomato, to-mah-to. #
  • I miss DJ Baby Anne 🙁 #
  • Things I enjoy: walking to my car after work and putting change in expired parking meters along the way. #
  • Evil thought of the day: wife went into the bathroom and I considered penny locking her in #

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