Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-11-20

  • Uh oh. DC or Rockville debate creeps up again. Which is better? #
  • Are you f'ing shitting me?! Traffic backed up before I can even get on the toll road. #
  • 20 min from the on ramp to HALF-WAY to the toll booth. F me. #
  • Hall & Oates – such an underrated duo. #
  • Here's hoping my wife's spine hasn't exploded. #
  • 5pm! Go! Go! Go! #
  • Wait…Tim Tebow was born in the Philippines? So, technically he's Flip? #
  • You can never have enough Billy book cases or princess cakes (@ IKEA w/ 12 others) #
  • Why, yes, I think I will enjoy a scotch by the fire pit outside with the Mrs. tonight. #

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