Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-08-28

  • MLK statue reminds me of Han Solo frozen in carbonite. #
  • Helloooooo, earthquake. #
  • @spencerwiggins DAMMIT. Beat me to it. in reply to spencerwiggins #
  • Post earthquake traffic makes me stabby #
  • Yay! Another building evacuation at work! Glad I have my pants on… #
  • @spencerwiggins If you do you can collect unemployment. in reply to spencerwiggins #
  • LOVE this saying: If you always seem to have drama in your life, you are probably the one causing the drama. #
  • Why, yes, I am bringing my chainsaw to work. #
  • Hurricane is coming. Sure wish Madden 12 came out before the storm. #
  • Next time I leave my name at a restaurant I will say it is 'Mike Hawk'. When they call it out & say a table is ready for me I will giggle. #
  • How is it that while I test an application at home using shared sessions across domains I'm able to completely trash two ColdFusion servers? #
  • @arielwaldman I hope you feel better soon, Ariel 🙁 Or at least get some rest on your flight back. in reply to arielwaldman #
  • MUST BUILD ARK (@ The Home Depot) #
  • Emergency Crunch & Munch: check. Disaster mangoes: check. Safety buffalo wings and hot dogs: check. (@ Safeway) #
  • My neighbor is preparing for the impending storm…by cutting his grass. #
  • @Tweekerchick you are going to make a fantastic old lady some day. in reply to Tweekerchick #
  • Yeesh. Fell asleep on one dog and woke up in a puppy pile. #

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