Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-03-13

  • Driving through tysons on 7 sucks. #
  • If I find the person who decided to microwave squid this morning I will filet their liver and feed to them. #
  • Avtar's funeral is over. It was nice hearing reminisce about him. Me? I about burst when I hugged Shalini #
  • Sweet! Happy hour tomorrow night at The Well until 7 and then my party train moves to Hard Times 🙂 #
  • And I'm off. My liver and kidneys ask that if you should find them on the sidewalk that you drop them in a mailbox and send them back. #
  • I need to audit what songs on my phone. Nothing throws you off working on a heavy bag like when Keri Hilson's 'Pretty Rock Girl' comes on. #
  • MAM ISO Single malt scotch. Must be of low moral standing but horribly pretentious. Will see you in about 10 minutes. #
  • Two go in! one come out! Vote for Danna's Food Truck @SolarCrepes #
  • Damn you, Caramelldansen. Damn you. Stuck. In. My. Head. #
  • I can't wait to build my scab fantasy football team. #

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