Changes – they are a comin’

Hey, look at me! I’m getting off my tush and finally writing again. Over the past few months things have been pretty hectic and have somewhat prevented me from buckling down and writing here:

  • Work at the University has gotten pretty busy
  • I’m lazy
  • My Nest-Egg work has gotten pretty busy as well
  • I got off the Sertraline (Zoloft) because it was starting to freak me out and make me think that I was starting to lose my memory…or maybe I just kept forgetting to take it. I can’t tell
  • I’m lazy
  • Just in case you missed it, I’m lazy. At least when it comes to this site.

I’ve passed on to the lovely woman who runs She’s got some pretty kick ass stuff on Etsy, too. Which amazes me because I’ve always wanted to make something with my hands or at least produce something tangible rather than push around bits and bytes. Granted, she also owns 3 Great Danes so even more bonus points and karma for her!

Had this nifty idea to buy a 3D printer and actually leverage my talents to build and design something but people that I thought might find it just as interesting, well, didn’t.

So, where does this leave me? Currently, I’m –

  • Completing my redesign work and migration of to Should be live this weekend.
  • Working on my Michaelpalooza concept where I ask if anyone wants to have a drink and then I go to them and have a drink. First stop? New York to watch the Yankees vs. the Rangers with Shalini.
  • Starting the storyboards for a comic that’s been sitting in the back of my head for a while
  • Kicking myself for not following through on an idea that I had at the very beginning of the dotcom boom – a divorce registry. People thought it was stupid back then. Oh, look. Sites like have started popping up.

It seems like I have some pretty good ideas that other people get but actually follow through on years on down the line. Have you seen the ‘Suicide Bunnies’ books? I had a similar idea when I was in college. I drew some large, rough drafts of cute and innocent animals (both real and stuffed) committing suicide or inflicting a lot of bodily harm on themselves. It’s gotten so bad that this is the year where I tell the Negative Nellies to go suck it and I try and implement a project that immediately hit me out of the blue.