Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-23

  • The nice thing about living with someone for over a decade is that you're so used to each others quirks and routines #
  • Yay! Taste of Burma with Angela, Brian & Danielle! Evidently Burma tastes like coconut rice and sweet basil beef. #
  • Naps friggin' rule. #
  • Yay! My work is closed today due to the weather! Boo! I can do everything I need to remotely. #
  • Wonder if I should reup my RHCE. #
  • I'm at Komi (1509 17th St NW, btw P & Q Sts NW, Washington) #
  • Mmmm…goat bits… #
  • And we just finished dinner. Who knew goat could be both crispy and tender? #
  • I'm about to go binge drinking and I didn't have time for lunch. Time to load up on bar food. #
  • Went to mcdonalds drive through. I have no idea what I just ordered. #
  • I'm at Otani's (120 Edds Rd, Sterling) #

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