Michael: the Cliffs Notes update

Just catching up with interesting nuggets in my life.

  • Angela went to the beach last weekend. That left me and the boys (Farley and Tobey, our dogs) at home. Bachelor pad! Well, ok…we sat around and napped on each other. It was pretty funny because it was like a dare at one point: You get out of bed! No, you get out of bed! I’m not getting out of bed! Fine! Zzzzz…
  • We found a dead bird on our portch. It was really weird. After squaring the boys away I went to walk to the car and opened the front door and * poof * dead bird. My friend Stacy told me to beware of the Avian flu. I promised that I wouldn’t suck on it.
  • I have another job offer on the table and I don’t know what to do. The commute is better but the job is less glamorous. Well…maybe. Lots of high school bunnies (I am not a pedo!)
  • Me and the pets stayed awake and watched ‘Iron Monkey’ on late night television on Saturday night/Sunday morning. Man, we were worthless the next day
  • I help my sister this past weekend. She was moving into her house and she needed some muscle to move a dining room and some other furniture around. Which is why I wondered why she asked me!
  • also at my sister’s house: I was able to drink the rest of my Jones colas that my other sister and her daughters bought for me. It was the Thanksgiving flavored ones – turkey and gravy, brussel sprouts, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, and a few others. Good lord. I love my sister and her girls but…yeesh. That stuff was horrid.
  • New Danna vs. Michael Photoshop Tennis Match! Can I just say again that I love Danna to death? She rocks!

Ok, more rambling tomorrow. I’m still trying to formulate the topic that I want to talk about in my head. This is just enough for you people who try to keep up with me to say ‘good lord, lamer!’.

And in case I forget – I really love my friends. I haven’t spoken to Michael H. for a while and we’ve been playing phone tag. Lo and behold we finally get to talk to each other and it was like we never missed a beat. I really like that about my friends. All of the ones that I really feel are great, quality people never make me feel comfortable and at home no matter what – time, distance, circumstances just don’t matter. I love my friends like I love my family. * sniff sniff *