The Moral Dilemma of Corrupting My Niece

I have a small problem that I may be blowing out of proportion. See, I’ve turned into a grumpy old fart but I still like to think that I have an open mind and I’m pretty liberal. Recently, though, I’ve hit a brick wall and it involves my 13 year old niece.

I was at one of my sister’s homes the other day for a family get together. We were discussing television and ever so briefly the show “Gossip Girl” popped up. My middle sister said she hasn’t seen it and that my niece wanted to watch it. However, it isn’t available on DVD until next month. I, however, am used to getting my grubby little hands on these things before they’re released. So I did what I normally do: I shot my mouth off before thinking. “Oh, I can get that for you.”

And, so, I was committed to providing this for my niece. “Gossip Girl” is filled with sex, drugs, back stabbing and questionable behavior. Oh, sure, it is great for those of us who watched Melrose Place in our 20s. But for a 13 year old? I was a little hesitant. Did I really want my niece who had just entered her teens to watch this? I would have felt better if she was at least 16. I would have felt much better if she was 17 or 18.

So, after I finished acquiring it I let my sister know. I also let her know how I felt about it and she agreed, to a point. My niece is in middle school, she told me, and she probably hears about this and is exposed to this more than I realize.

In the end the only stipulation that I made was that she watch it on her laptop so that her younger sister, who is 9 or 10 (what? you expect me to keep up with these things??) won’t be able to easily watch it.

Anyone have thoughts on this? Was I wrong? Was I right?