Death of the Siesta?!

I remember listening to NPR last year while I was in North Carolina. There was a report that the siesta was going the way of the Dodo bird.

How much does that suck?!

I was sitting at my desk today thinking that I could have absolutely relished having a nap in the middle of the day. While staring at my monitor I could feel my eyes getting heaver and my vision getting blurrier. It was not good. What’s worse is that my drowsiness would follow me all the way home. I would end up getting sleepy while driving my 1.5 hours home.

If, however, I had a siesta in the middle of the day I would have been refreshed! I would have been rejuvenated! I would have essentially been reborn!!

To hell with the global economy making the practice of a siesta obsolete. If there is anything that should be imported into the United States it should be the practice of getting a company approved nap.

Oh, and Melissa Thiereau. Please send me one of those, too.