Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-13

  • Oooh, Top Gear returns on June 27th! #
  • Nothing says "I'm living the high life" like chasing your dog around the house to shave his butt #
  • @kellyaquinn iPhone 4? Mikey likey. Don't understand why there's so much hate for it & Apple. If people don't like them then ignore 'em. in reply to kellyaquinn #
  • Let's go, Nats! Hopefully the relief pitching won't suck. #
  • Considering answering my office phone with "I am El Kabong with my sidekick Babalooey" #
  • I don't know why but I find this to be awesome: #
  • Let's Go, Mexico! #worldcup #
  • Let's go, Uruguay! #worldcup #
  • I'm sitting here watching Travel Channel's "Man v. Food" and it makes me feel both ill and skinny at the same time. #
  • I'm amazed. I'm sitting INSIDE a church and I haven't been struck down…yet. #

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