Television – I hope you die.

There is so much bad television out there. Or maybe it is just the TV shows that Angela likes to watch. All I know is that I came home from work the other day to catch her watching the VH1 show “But Can They Sing?”, part of their Celebreality series. OH. MY. GOD. This show was horrible. I could sort of get past Morgan Fairchild singing Nany Sinatra’s ‘These Boots Were Made For Walking’, but when Kim Alexis (hot as anything when she was a model) started singing Faith Hill’s ‘They Way You Love Me’ I was about to take a rusty fork and start jabbing at my brain. She was horrible. Flatter than a tortilla sitting on an ironing board. And she didn’t think that it was bad.

Other previous atrocities on our TiVo – ‘So You Think You Can Dance?’, ‘Trading Spaces: Family’, and ‘America’s Next Top Model’. These are only the ones that Angela records. I only have one thing that I record: Naruto. One anime show. Everything else gets taken up by Angela’s television viewing perversions. I wanted to record Family Guy. Nope, she records Desperate Housewives. I want to record ‘Everybody Hates Chris’. Nope, she’s recording ‘America’s Next Top Model’. And then we have Gilmore Girls episodes all over the place.

Is it me or has TV just gotten dumber? It seems that with the advent of satellite and cable television there would be something good to watch. Instead, I get shows like “The O.C.” and “Laguna Beach”. Which makes me happy that I can download anime and watch it when I feel like it (a luxury is to convert it to an mp4 to watch on my Sony PSP while I ride on the train to work). WHEN THE HELL DID MTV STOP PLAYING MUSIC VIDEOS?!

Face it, I’m becoming an old man shaking his fist at the television in anger. Oh, when I watch something really stupid on the screen you bet your bippy I yell at the tv. There has to be some redeeming television to watch out there. Maybe I should just destroy Angela’s TiVo remote.