I’ve been Jinxed.

Jinx and FarleyWell, here she is, folks. This is a picture of Jinx and Farley (click on the thumbnail to get the full-sized original). I’m sitting here waiting for my FIOS install writing this. I’m not too sure when they’ll get here. They said between 8am and 10am and so far nothing. I thought I’d take this as an opportunity to get you caught up on the new girl in the house.

Jinx, awake during the ride home!Jinx is adorable and has so far integrated herself effortlessly into our house. She has a very, very easy going demeanor. Angela and I have both remarked how she’s a cross between Farley and Tobey – relaxed and a people lover but quirky enough in her own right. She loves touching people. When she wants something she has no problem walking up to you and putting her paw on you and then mooing at you.

 Yes, much like Tobey, Jinx makes cow noises.

When it is time to sleep she makes herself at home on the bed. For the past two days we’ve been juggling positions. At one point we had all four of the pets in bed with us at the same time. It was one big, warm puppy pile.

I’ll wait to load the videos after Verizon has installed my fiber…