Why This Blog?

I was speaking with someone a few weeks ago and she intimated to me that she keeps a journal. I thought that it was pretty neat that people still keep journals, especially during an age when it is so easy to hop online and produce the type of tripe that is out there. She would write in it when she was about to go to sleep or when she had the free time, documenting her inner most thoughts – be they prolific or what she ate for dinner. I found it to be quite admirable. Here is this woman who is keeping a part of who she is bound within the pages of a notebook; to use as both a means of therapy as well as a tool to look back at where she’s been.

Then I thought of how my site is like her journal – a place for me to jot down the myriad thoughts and observations which creep into my head. It made me sad.

She keeps her thoughts to herself; I share mine with you. She maintains her privacy; I open myself to whomever wanders over here. Her writing is available to her for introspection; my writing is subject to introspection as well as the criticism of others.

Over the two years that I’ve written for my site I’ve invoked the names of people that I’ve come across, rarely thinking if there would be any ramifications. Although I never use last names it isn’t hard for someone to pick themself out of a post. On a few occaissions I’ve had a second thoughts whether or not I should shut off the commenting on a thread in order to spare someone having to read about themself. Should someone have to subject themself to scrutiny because of something that happens in my personal life?

So I sit here conflicted. I don’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable and yet I am also not about to censor a comment that a user leaves. I don’t even know if/why anyone reads this site or gets anything out of it. Which brings me back to the privacy and safety of the journal that my friend keeps.

Maybe it is time to end the DesignKitty.