Lunch With Deborah, Drinks With Abby, Lunch With Danna

Last week I was able to catch up with Deborah (of 32 Poems) over lunch at Finemondo. Deb used to work with me at Lockheed Martin and has since moved off to other opportunities. It is always interesting meeting up with her. She’s in a completely different universe than I am – she’s smart, environmentally conscious, a writer and a parent. Notice those are all things I’m not??

I had asked about another colleague of ours, Celenie. Deb and Celenie became friends outside of work and still keep in contact with one another, even though Celenie had moved to San Diego. After gossipping for a few minutes like two old ladies Deb’s phone rang and it was…Celenie! It was good talking to her, although it was brief.

I like the fact that my former employees/colleagues still keep in touch with me. It is reassuring that people don’t just drift in and out of your life.

Tuesday night I left work and went to Reston to have a few drinks with Abby, the young woman who recruited me for the position that I’m at now. I always have fun going out with Abby. She’s an attractive blond with a great personality and an infectious smile. While most people call me “Michael” or even “Mike”, Abby likes to call me “Mike Mike”. Don’t ask me why, but I like it when she does it…and she’s the only person who does. For some reason, it just fits her.

I got to ATR before she did, waddled up to the bar and ordered a double Glenlivet (neat) and a pint of beer. When she arrived I was already half way through my Scotch. It was a nice, dark bar and a lively happy hour – good for some bar banter with each other and our bartender(s). Our conversations went all over the place. It kills me that she’s about 10 years younger than me.

It was an evening of laughing and drinking and talking. And more laughing. And more drinking. I like Abby. How can you not like a woman who sucks down three or four drinks and then remembers that she has an appointment with a personal trainer later in the evening?

Ah, yes. Nothing like the smell of alcohol oozing from your pores.

Wednesday meant lunch with Danna! Yay! My former Work Wife and i got to go out and stuff our faces at Finemondo! As always it is an absolute joy seeing her. We got together, shared our gossip and talked about what we’re both doing. She decided to take a break from the culinary word and explore whatever other options and opportunities are out there.
As always, I try to look out for her. Which is why I’m going to put her in touch with Abby. Who knows? Things might get interesting and I might have my Work Wife again.

Danna always manages to look trendy and fabulous and today was no different. As I walked up to the entrance of the restaurant she was standing there looking all “summery”, while I felt like someone had filled my chest with silly putty and slogging about in pale green suit. I’m still trying to get over this damn summer cold. Ugh.