Michael Inguillo’s HallowScream is tomorrow.

I picture tomorrow to first be like herding cats and then like the first scenes of ‘Saving Private Ryan’. I first organized a paintball gathering on November 6th, 2004. At that time, there were maybe 12 people who came. It was a pretty good time. A good number of the people were Lockheed employees and their friends, some guys from CACI and some SRA fellows. I think I called it “The Fall Brawl” or something just as lame. You can see pictures of it at the Paintball Massacre 2004 gallery over at Hog Back Mountain. Six months later I hosted “Michael Inguillo’s April’s Fools” at Pev’s and we had a turn out of about 14 people. Again, it was a pretty good time.

Lo and behold, I put the word out that I’m hosting “Michael Inguillo’s HallowScream” at Pev’s this year and we are getting a turnout of about 50 people. Good lord. 50 people. I’ll make sure to post pictures of it afterwards.

Each time I do this it can be a real pain in the patoot to get together, namely because I hate having to ask people for money and keeping track of it. Next year, I’ll end up doing something like Paypal, even though they deduct a small percentage of money for using their service. I mean, I REALLY go through a lot of stress coordinating this thing and I have no idea why I’m doing it. All I know is that I really like having everyone around having a good time. That’s what counts, right? I mean everyone has a blast and I think that’s what really makes me feel good.

I wouldn’t mind doing it for some type of charity, either. I just don’t know which one and I don’t know how well it would be received by the participants.

I wonder if there is any way that I could work out a deal with either Pev’s or Hog Back for hosting one of these events. I really can’t wait to meet everyone and see how this thing goes.