Beef. Its what’s for dinner.

I went to the Palm with Allie tonight. As always, she was a fantabulous dinner partner. I have an absolutlely a great time going out with her. Never mind the fact that we finished off a bottle of wine before going.

The Palm is closing down for renovations and it will reopen September 16th. Our waiter, Tony, was from Thailand and he said he is going to take the time to go back until the place reopens. Amazingly enough, he’s been working there for 22 years. Allie ordered the softshell crab as an appetizer and I had to not watch her eat it. Poor little thing. Me? I had a salad. For our entree, Allie ordered the filet mignon while I got the New York Strip. And that’s pretty much what you got on a plate: a piece of beef. Truly, this was an Atkins dieter’s dream. The meat was delicious though. As usual, I shared my meal with Allie so she could taste my NY Strip and compare it to her filet. So, there we were – two plates, to slabs of dead cow. I must say, it tasted REALLY good.

Throughout the evening we discussed everything under the sun – our trip to Vegas, Angela and I potentially buying a condo from Sam, work and an numerous other things. It was really nice. Afterwards, we decided to walk home and we ran into what looked like a 15 piece brass band. It was hilarious. They picked Allie out of the crowd to dance. The music was pretty phenomenal – not something you would expect to run into on a street corner. Me dancing? Not so great. There’s only so much you can do in a suit. I’ll leave the dancing to the beautiful brunette.

Now, previously I said Allie was high maintenance. I take that back. She’s more high energy than anything. I love this woman dearly because she is such a wonderful friend. I really appreciate the friendship that we share. I like to think we both know where each other stands. As such, since we’re both secure and I can honestly say that it is really great having someone that I am this close to. I wouldn’t trade her friendship for anything.