Waiting For The Funeral

My dad’s body will be flown into Dulles tomorrow. From there he’ll be transported to a funeral home in Herndon where he’ll lay and wait until his funeral. My mom still cries and my sister still utters apologies for not being able to bring him home. With the exception of the funeral we have very little information about what will happen over the next month.

According to my middle sister it will take about a month for the paperwork to be completed for his burial at Arlington Cemetary. During that time, we’ll see what type of arrangements will be made for my mom – will she stay in Virginia Beach or will she move to Northern Virginia? You think that after losing both of my grandparents over the past two years we would have been used to this by now. When it hits this close to you I guess you can never be prepared.

Personally, I still find my mind wandering and remembering my dad. Sometimes I’ll start to tear up. I have yet to tell some of my other friends of his passing. The phone calls and emails I’ve been getting have been very supportive – old friends, former colleagues and employees, mere acquaintances. Most of the people at my last job even expressed their condolences when I came into work today. Some had only heard that he was sick and didn’t know that he had passed.

At night my dreams are mixed. I’ve woken up twice already clutching my chest and finding it hard to breathe. Other times I find tears on my face. I dream of several different things but almost all of them have my dad there. Sooner or later I’ll get used to not having my dad around. Right now, it is way too fresh.

I don’t wish anyone to go through the emotional turmoil I’m going through right now. I miss my dad.