Digging Up Some Tunes

If this were a television show or an anime, I suppose you could call this a clip show. Essentially, I’m too lazy to finish writing what I’m working on so I thought I’d share some of the nuggets that I’m listening to as I’m working.

Supreme Beings of Leisure – Strange Love Addiction

I loved their first album. I heard they had a second album but I never picked it up. That first album was so friggin’ cool.

Spiller – Groovejet

Things were happier when this came out, weren’t they? Makes me want to either hang out at a hipster club or a coffee shop. Or a hipster coffee shop.

Groove Armada – I See You Baby

Ah, yes…the “good old days”. I loved going out clubbing to this. Oh, that Grandma Funk. Damn, I love this song.

Fluke – Absurd

This makes me want to run around with a sword screaming ‘There can be only one!’ (see, the joke is that they sample Queen from the ‘Highlander’ soundtrack. Never mind.)

Flyleaf – I’m So Sick

Oh, man. I like it when a woman sounds like she can kick my ass 50 ways to Sunday. She scares me. She sorta turns me on. Maybe because the way she sings this she comes off as being maybe just a little psycho.

Gym Class Heroes – On My Own Time

Let’s close with something pretty light…