My Life With The Cingular 8525 (Part 2)

Well, here I am. This is me. You’ll be able to recognize me by the bulge on my hip. No, it isn’t some medical device it is my cell phone. Here are a few other tidbits about my life with this phone:

  • * I sorta like surfing the web with this phone. The impressive thing to some people is when they ask to see pictures of something and I either pull up pictures on my phone or open up the web browser and point it towards my online gallery.
  • * Turning on all the connections is a battery drain, especially when it looks to renew the bluetooth lease with any partnered device every few minutes.
  • * Nice, colorful screen but it is also a MAJOR power drain.
  • * I keep having problems installing software. I’ll eventually figure it out, but so many things are throwing me errors telling me that the software wasn’t made for Windows Mobile 5.
  • * No native mpeg support
  • * Angela used to read a magazine before going to bed and scratched my back with her free hand. Now she needs both hands to play ‘Bubble Burst’.

Now, keep in mind that we just got these phones last month. Glory be that Steve Jobs unveils the iPhone at Mac World. What are the first things out of Angela’s mouth after hearing about it? I want one. Personally, I’m ok with this phone. I’m not ready to tie myself to iTunes. If I could get a terminal session or putty installed on this to connect to a server, I’d be rockin’.  Otherwise, I’m still pretty pleased. Opera for the mobile blows away IE. I’ll be installing Divx.

If only there was a way to make it thinner and lighter…