Heeding the Siren’s Call

Here is a wonderful little email that I sent to my friend Amy:

“Subject:How my day is going…and it is only 7am

I’m having a great day today! I took the dogs out on a nice long walk this morning and got them to an elementary school close by where I could let them run without their leashes. They had a great time. Then we walked home and I took out the garbage. Since I left the dogs at home I thought I would check out where the laundry room was in the apartment complex since I heard it was in the clubhouse. So I went to the clubhouse, saw the workout room, the mens room and the womens room and another door. So, I decided to open the door…

….which led to the main office. Which triggered an alarm. A loud alarm. Around the whole building that the entire complex could hear. Pretty much like a loud siren.

I’m staying in my apartment with the windows drawn and I’m going to go hide underneath my blankets.”

To which she sympathetically replied to me:

That’s hilarious!! Way to go champ – ha ha!!!!

🙁 Even the bunnies have turned against me.

All I wanted to do was my laundry. As the siren was going off with its ear shattering ‘wee-oo-wee-oo-wee-oo!’ I sat in the clubhouse waiting for someone to show up and turn it off or for the police. Nothing. And still there was the constant siren. I got bored and took a pee waiting for them. Nothing. Finally, I called the emergency maintenance number and left them a message. I finally got fed up waiting for someone that I said, ‘Screw it. I’m trying to take responsibilty for my actions and it doesn’t seem like anyone is coming’ and then I left. And as soon as the door to the clubhouse closed the alarm went off.

Those blankets are looking better all the time.