Postcards from the South (Part 2)

Since I’m down here in North Carolina by myself I thought that I would go ahead and try and take care of a lot of the design projects that are sitting on my desk. Me and the Mrs. won’t see each other this weekend so it will be just me and my pooches. Yep. Just me and the dogs. And the computer. And our friend the television. Oh, dear God I’m lonely.

Angela came down to visit during Veteran’s Day and we had agrand old time. She took care of a ton of stuff for me, like getting the dogs to the groomers. Damn, they were crunchy and starting to smell. Afterwards they were their same goofy selves but softer and smelling like vanilla cookies! Hey, it makes a lot of difference when we’re living in a two bedroom apartment. And the boys were so happy to see Angela. Farley was more than happy to wedge himself between us in the bed when it was time to sleep. Keep in mind that our normal bed is a king and the one in the apartment is a queen.

Angela also picked up a ton of stuff for my apartment to make it less barren. This was a relief! Now I don’t feel so desolate. We’ll be moving more stuff from the house to the apartment in the beginning of December so I’m hoping that the my pad will be even more homey. We went all over the place and enjoyed eating at various eateries in the area. I EVEN ATE SHRIMP (sorta) AT BONEFISH! Ew. Yeah. Bad idea on my part.

Other notes

  • – I found another radio station named after an animal here: The Wolf. Uh, yeah. That brings my radio zoo to: Cougar, Rooster, Buzzard and Wolf.
  • – I’ve taken to listening to Elliot in the Morning online. I miss talk radio. I might get XM to listen to Opie & Anthony. Makes me wish that Elliot did podcasts. There really aren’t many good talk radio stations down here. Did I say ‘many’? I meant to say ‘any’. I have the local NPR, but that makes me feel way, way, way too intelligent.
  • – The hostess at Bonefish was hot. She looked like a young Jennifer Love Hewitt. Meow. It was a pretty yuppie place. Amazing. It seems like all these new places that are popping up with these trendy restaurants are attracting all the people who have relocated to this area.
  • – Must. Find. Bunnies.