The 2010 Super Bowl Ads

Congrats to the New Orleans Saints for winning the Super Bowl. You have proven that you are the best at the sport alternatively known as North American Hand Egg.

Hand Egg

Evidently, calling the sport of ‘football’ something more literal like ‘hand egg’ makes everyone else around the world happier.

It was an exciting game, filled with drama, excitement, singing fossils at half-time and commercials. Lots and lots of commercials.

(Sorry to our non-U.S. friends who can’t view Hulu)

There you have them. The 2010 Super Bowl ads. There are a few things that pop out at me:

  • With all this talk about Tim Tebow pimping for Focus on the Family why aren’t women’s groups in an uproar for him laying the smack down on his mom?
  • Seriously, Tebow is a quarterback and I’ve seen him play. That must be the first decent tackle that he’s ever laid on someone. And it happens to be in a commercial. To a girl. Who happens to be his mom.
  • This must have been the year of the meme rehash, much like the reanimation of the lifeless band, The Who and forcing their undead souls to perform.
  • Speaking of the meme rehash, it seems like about 25% of the commercials used the ‘dramatic prairie dog’ concept. That is soooo 2006. Way to go advertising people. Way to keep up with the times.
  • The GoDaddy commercials suck and they aren’t funny or controversial any more. On the contrary, they’re dragging down Danica Patrick.
  • I miss the days when advertisers would just air a monkey dancing and then boast that they blew their $2M wad on 30 seconds of a dancing monkey

All in all, this was one of the few Super Bowls where I was more entertained by the game rather than the commercials. And that, in it’s own weird way, makes me a little sad. No beer commercials that made me take notice, nothing that made me sappy (ok, maybe the Google commercial) and there were no real interactive tie-ins. Here’s hoping next year’s Super Bowl has more innovative and creative thinking.