Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-31

  • Wife is coming home soon! Must hide the bodies!!!! #
  • Stupid game – . Simple, based on arcs & trajectory & I'm addicted. Best I got was 8th globally >.< #
  • While Angela was gone I got to do laundry & I learned a valuable lesson: I can't fit into her underwear. Neither can the cat. Nor the dogs. #
  • New post at the Woof Territorial Expansion:
    If you let your pets sleep on your bed it is almost a given that they… #
  • Dear Mother Nature: Thank you for the winds so strong this morning that they knock off my chimney cap and almost made me piss myself. #
  • I'll be in Austin for SXSWi. I'm contemplating going to Vegas straight from there for St. Patrick's Day. #
  • My dog Farley is sitting next to me while I eat Cheetos, anxiously waiting for his share. Dear Lord, his hot breath stinks. Old dogs=stinky #
  • Considering whether or not I want to even try and brick my PS3 – #
  • Why the hell did I click on a link to that Greg Oden story?! Must scrub eyes!! In a related story, I'm looking for a tripod for my camera… #
  • I crave the type of hamburger that you can only get from a bowling alley. #
  • Mother of God, watching this State of the Union Address is like watching a Catholic Mass. Up, down, up, down, up, down…but with clapping. #
  • 4:45 pm – what the Hell is that big yellow thing in the sky?! #
  • Driving into work I kept practicing my Christopher Walken impersonation. People must have thought I was dying when I choked on my own spit. #
  • I'm going to guess that my donation to WikiLeaks isn't tax deductible. #
  • People of Tidewater: Please enjoy the ton of snow that we Northern Virginians normally get. Make sure you do your supply shopping early 🙂 #
  • Watching President Obama doing a Q&A at the House GOP Conference. Fascinating listening to the numerous spins on both sides of this session. #
  • Signing up to the email list to the cool, gay dance bar in Vegas may have been a bad idea, especially when you get "Flesh Friday" emails. #
  • Good deed for the day: student in the food court lost his ID so I bought his lunch for him. Truth: I just wanted to get through the line. #
  • Watching "Up In The Air" with Angela. We both think that lifestyle of constant travel would be cool. #
  • Thank you, Font Squirrel, for making usable, online fonts for the web easy to find – #

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