My Love Affair With The Automobile Wanes

I’m amazed that I’ve made it this far in life. Here are a few examples of the things that have happened to me in the past few days.

I drove to North Carolina. My father-in-law and I went down to NC, he to look for a house and me to interview for a job. The drive was about 5 hours each way. We went down, did our thing and then came back in the same day. All told, I spent about 15 hours driving. All things considered, it wasn’t too bad. We didn’t kill each other and we had a pretty decent time road tripping. The only real issue was the amount of time it took to get to Raleigh and back. Ugh.

I’m learning that my truck needs new tires. Right now on my Jeep I have Cooper Discovery tires. You know what that name implies? It will be quite a discovery by the whomever is driving with these when they find out that they have no grip. I’ve been sliding the back end of my truck out on turns. On DRY ROADS. With the amount of rain we’ve had lately it was a miracle that I didn’t spin out. On the bright side of this, I’m pretty confident in my drift racing skills.

I’m no Batman. I was driving around at 6:45 this morning, listening to country music and bopping along with my windows rolled down. The weather was crisp and cool and there were barely any other drivers on the road. The sun had already risen and was starting to illuminate my little slice of heaven in Loudoun county. All of a sudden I heard a thud on the side of my door. Immediately a bat tumbled in. I swear I screamed like a little girl. The bat, a little dazed, looked right back at me and screeched (sort of like how I was screaming at it), flitted around clumsily and then flew out the passenger side window. I thank God that I didn’t piss myself.

On my way to get 500 lbs. of rocks, I got rear ended. The fact that I’m actually buying rocks isn’t enough. At least I wasn’t buying dirt. As a home owner, I know that I have to do it but it just sounds silly. Anyhow, I was stopped at a light blissfully listening to the news on the radio when all of a sudden BAM! Two guys in a sedan rolled into my car. They weren’t going fast at all, more like he knew he was coming up to a red light queue and had slowed down but wasn’t paying attention to how close he was to me. At first I was startled. Then I quickly thought about it – if I got out of my car, got his information, blah blah blah we would have held up all the people in the only right hand turn lane. I gambled and thought that since he’s in a sedan and I’m in my truck then barely anything would have happened to the rear of my truck. I just waved at him like ‘yeah, don’t worry about it. it’s ok. no worries. I don’t care’ and went throught the light. As I pulled away from him I could see that his hood had this deep, ugly dent in it. Whoops. The driver honked at me thankfully when he drove past me, knowing that if we went the insurance route he would have been screwed. When I finally got to Bluemont Nursery I got the chance to look at my truck. A little bit of a scuff mark on the rear bumper and that was it. I sorta feel sorry for the guy. Yeah, you go home and explain that to your wife. Why don’t you just tell her that someone hit your car instead.

I’m tempted to take up walking now. Well, I did say ‘tempted’. If I wasn’t so lazy I probably would.