Odds and ends…

We’re still getting over the sadness of losing our little girl. I keep stealing quick glances at places she used to lay – in the sink, on the cat stand, under the desk, in the closet – with a brief hope that she’ll be there. But we’ve come to terms with Tia’s passing, secure with the knowledge that we gave her the best home we possibly could have and that she was, above all else, one happy little girl.

And life moves on…

The other day I went to lunch with Rhonda, Lila and Lisa. I think it was the first time they ever saw me in a pair of shorts, sandals and a sleaveless shirt. In fact, they called me a ‘surfer boy’. HA! The joy of not having to wear business casual clothes. As is usual with this little clique of hens (yes, I consider myself a hen in this instance). We secure a table in the back corner of the Channel and picked up like old times. ‘Picked up like old times’ means we got down to gossipping, flirting, talking about sex and laughing like school girls.

I miss them!

Always fun times when we get together. These are the same women that go out to Afternoon Tea with me. Of course I got pelted with reprimands because I only wrote a single bullet point about our last tea. Yeesh. Fine! I got my cider and we got to share stories about Lisa’s new man toy (dammit! details! I want details!), Lila’s desire for a guy in uniform and Rhonda just being all around bad. Me? I get to egg them on. 🙂 Oh, and make baudy sex jokes.  I thought that Rhonda would show up wearing her lovely pony tail extension but noooooo.

And when I was leaving it was hugs and smooches all around. HA! I feel so dirty! Lisa touched my nipple! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!  LISA IS A NIPPLE TOUCHER! 😉