By Angela’s Request: The 1987 Crystal Light National Aerobic Championship

I’m not terribly out of shape. If, of course, the shape that you’re thinking of is a round ball. However, I’ve come to appreciate the people who are athletic or physically fit. Today, Angela was on Boing Boing and she came across an article referencing the 1987 Crystal Light National Aerobic Championship:


Oy. What the hell were we thinking back then? I can’t even compare this to the US Pole Dancing Federation post that I made. I love the little participant profiles they have and the last guy says:

Describe our act in one word? We’re HOT.

Isn’t that two words? And one of them is a contraction?! When they’re doing push ups it reminded me of a picture I saw in a psychology book where a lesion was made on several cat’s brains and they were all humping each other.

Luckily, for a young lad like me at the time with my raging hormones, they would start airing the Miss Fitness tournaments a few years later. Hey, it was before the internet became so popular and basic cable was the mystical vehicle that helped us get our jollies. Oh, for the days when you would try to tune the naughty channels on your scrambled cable box and all you would see what may have been a leg or a boob, grossly discolored or wavy.

I would never show up to the gym wearing a singlet like that. Or would I?