Dang it, dang it, dang it and other tidbits.

  • So, I screwed myself. Evidently the submission deadline for the next Apprentice has just closed. AAAAAAARGH! I knew I should have had this epiphany earlier!
  • YAY, DANNA! CONGRATS ON SUBMITTING YOUR RESIGNATION!  For those not in the know, Danna is a dear friend of mine that used to work with me. She is going to culinary school! MAKE ME A SAMMICH!!!
  • I’m having writer’s block. Deb, if you’re reading this I’m looking forward to your Write the Impossible creative writing workshop. So much so that I’m going to try pimping it on other sites that I frequent.
  • I really enjoyed having tea with the ladies at the Four Seasons the other day. MEOW!
  • You have no idea how happy I am that the ‘Seven Sins’ theme is over. That was sort of hard, especially when you’re used to just publishing ramblings off the top of your head.
  • BE WARNED – I’m working on my next post and it might be NSFW.

Another ‘dammit’ – Angela’s cat keeps finding interesting places to vomit. Unfortunately, when she does it smells like rotting shrimp. Ewww. Finding all these places is like a sadistic Easter egg hunt.